Charisma Counseling

James Lenfesty, M.S. LMHC

a beautiful sunset over the Boston skyline is always a moment to reflect on the blessings of today.

The fact that people are unique and have their own personality cannot be helped by only one type of psychotherapy. The therapeutic relationship is about getting to know each individual and what their specific needs are in reference to their personality, situation/life circumstances, and unique set of experiences. It is these areas with new insights applied that shape our lives and positively impact our relationships. Psychotherapy is helpful whether one needs an empathetic listening ear or a navigator in the most challenging of circumstances.

The majesty from a mountain top experience is always glorious, where most feel happy, safe, and secure. It is a place where one can practice the mindfulness process, and even contemplate what is in the valley. However, in the valleys is the time and place that individuals need help navigating the challenging valley experience. Psychotherapy within the psychotherapeutic alliance is a good process that helps one to face these challenges and feel supported.

James Lenfesty, LMHC is a graduate of a small Catholic college in Vermont, completing his Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology in 2011. For the first seven years post-graduation he worked full time in private practice psychotherapy where he specialized in treating people with opioid dependence. He also treated people with major mental illness, PTSD, LGBTQIAA folks, as well as a group of people who were struggling with mood and/or personality disorders.

In the later part of 2018, he moved to Boston. In all, he has worked in mental health for the past 16 years after changing career paths. James believes that this is his true calling; to help people navigate life's challenges. He has worked inpatient psychiatry for several years, in outpatient clinical settings, and residential living environments, giving him a well-round and diverse set of skills.

He specializes in marginalized populations; especially LGBTQIAA persons, trauma survivors, people who struggle with substance use, and people of any ethnic background. Some topics especially close to his heart are religious trauma, relationship issues, life transitions, substance use, and problems of difference (being different).

James is a person of faith and continues to study. He is currently matriculated in a Master of Divinity program.